Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Thanks for checking in with us over the last months. time flies by . i got some new things cooking up as this is being typed. coming soon will be new wax, new shirts, new hats and beanies , and to kick it all off gonna have a new site launching. thanks again for swinging by . stay tuned for new goods. now go ride.

Friday, November 30, 2012

soooh wooooh .. Big Homie Demarcus Paul came through with this gem. check it and enjoy it. filmed and put together perfect by Miles. seen on TCU.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hazed Homie Carl Travers is beginning physical therapy next week after breaking his elbow. Cant wait to have him riding 100% again and he's ready to get out and shred.

Monday, October 15, 2012

    Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  A lot has happened in the last month.  TK has now moved on to his next adventure in life and is now living in Ohio with Zack Gerber.  We couldn't be happier for him this is a huge opportunity and its always good to change your surroundings. So look forward to some serious web edits coming out featuring TK going in. Zack already puts out a lot of good videos , and with TKs  drive and desire to film, those two will be droppin hammers. Back down on the home front big time Hazed homie and split personality Carl Travers / Big Steve is moving into what is essentially becoming the Hazed House. Along with Carl, new shredder and homie Justin is also moving in . I cant even imagine what im getting myself into letting two of the loudest people i know enter what has became a pretty quite house.
    Also the homie Demarcus Paul has settled in well out in San Diego. Check him out here gettin it with some big time names at what looks like an awesome park. We sent him out a care package with some shirts, wax , and other goods so he can help spread the word out west. Related fellow Hazed homies Bfarm , Austin, and Jake were lucky enough to be able to make it out to this years Texas Toast Jam. I sent Bfarm down there with some wax and stickers to spread the word. From what ive seen so far it looks like it was an amazing trip. Huge thanks to all the homies helping out and supporting Hazed.

   In product related news I've gotten new blank snapbacks and some good warm beanies for the winter. Both will be available soon. Big time thanks goes out to TAL clothing for the help.Also working on some new stickers, when those are ready gonna be giving them away so keep checking us out. We are gonna stay busy and try to ride and film as much as we can through the winter so stay tuned and get out there and ride, explore, and as always have fun.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Online Store

The new store is up and running . check it out and tell your friends. Stay up with us for more news.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Markit heat.

Chad Kerley coming through with some awesome lines like usual. if these are leftovers i cant wait to see his actual part. The anticipation of the Markit video is up there with the Deadline video.